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WANTED TO BUY / Re: Looking for Lorton 3A barrels
« Last post by OregonBorn on August 12, 2018, 05:42:54 PM »
So after 3 years now, my cheap Harbor Freight barrels are still working fine on my Lortone 3a tumbler.  I use one for medium and fine, and the other for polish. ;D
ROCK AND GEM HUNTING / Re: Vacation Plans
« Last post by DSRTEGL on August 08, 2018, 09:59:11 AM »
Checked the tides and NOT ONE SINGLE CLAMMIN TIDE my whole trip........DAMMIT..........More time for fishing and rock hunting I guess
LAPIDARY ARTS / Re: Polishing with leather and cerium
« Last post by catmandewe on August 08, 2018, 07:34:39 AM »
You start getting the pull when it starts drying out. It pulls really hard when it gets dry so you are looking for the happy medium.

ROCK AND GEM HUNTING / Re: Vacation Plans
« Last post by danointhenw on August 06, 2018, 11:29:50 AM »
My wife and I did the whole OR coast in June/July.  We brought home lots of goodies and found that just about anywhere we stopped along the numerous rivers had stuff that ended up in the back of the pickup.  Check the bars (gravel&rock, not the other type) and you're sure to find some nice jaspers and small pieces of petrified wood.  We also scored some fossils (shellfish) at the mouths of a couple of rivers and even a few nice ones further up stream.  Might do the same thing again next year.  If you'd like some specific rivers, shoot me a PM.
Yes, you nailed it with the self-important aspect. The west is getting overcrowded with people that are greedy, inpatient, have no manners, no brains and no sense of anything except themselves. They are the center of the universe, and you are supposed to respond to their every every demand. One of several reasons that I quit the ski patrol on Mt Hood. You save their lives, and the first thing they say is, "I am going to sue!" Fortunately Oregon has Good Samaritan laws that prevent them from suing volunteer first responders. But they try anyway. We had to fill out so much paperwork for every incident that it was getting insane. Never mind the hours of training, risks involved, and dealing with the endlessly demanding public, half if which are drunk or stoned out of their mind.  ::)
You should see some of the emails I've gotten over the years DEMANDING that I tell them where a specific site is.  Many of them don't even have the decency to sign up as members here.  I've actually been told by people that they don't want to meet with me - don't care to know me, just want to go get the rocks.  I have passed up having a huge site with a lot of traffic because of my rule that you don't post directions to sites.  I don't care.

When I drive sometimes hundreds (and that has been thousands at times) of miles to hunt rock..........then walk around for sometimes days, sometimes have to go to the area repeated times to get the real cache...then someone gets butt hurt because I don't roll them out a red carpet to the area, tough noogies. 

It completely baffles me to see how self-important, crass, and completely stupid people are becoming. 
Yeah.... lately on some rock hounding forums on FB people keep asking, "WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE WONDERFUL ROCKS!" So they can go there and vacuum them all up. They want to be able to drive right up, find top quality float to collect and sell on Ebay. Some of us have screamed at them for doing that. I answer questions like, "Where can I find carnelian?" with, "Between Tacoma, Washington and Roseburg Oregon, from the coast Range to the Cascades. Then they get all testy and demand to know why we treat them so harshly! Phuuuut! Another woman wanted to know if there was any tourmaline to be found in Oregon. One guy answered 'Yes' and she got upset and left the group. Poor baby, we were so mean to her. But JHC, people actually want to know where the gold, jade, opal, etc. is and they expect us to post the exact locations. Maybe I will start giving them all directions to the Virgin Valley, NV and let them pop their tires getting in there and then pay $250 to dig for one day (hard labor). Or as others have suggested, give them GPS coordinates to city dump sites.

Hey Sal, what are the coordinates where can I get the best rock in Nevada? <answer, 4046'5.68" N - 11913'7.41" W> ;)
ROCK AND GEM HUNTING / Re: Vacation Plans
« Last post by OregonBorn on August 04, 2018, 03:22:37 PM »
Best place to clam for razors was Seaside beach in Oregon (not to be confused with Seaside, California) when I was a kid living in Cannon Beach. I also salmon fished out of Monterey Bay and my brother and I used to catch Dunginess crabs on the Monterey wharf when we were kids. No longer there... we also used to pry abalone off the rocks there when we were kids, also no longer. I also commercial salmon fished out of Winchester Bay just south of Reedsport one year when I was in high school. Good crabbing there as well for Dungies. You can look at the Oregon fish and wildlife updates here:

You can also get the latest Oregon fishing, clamming and crabbing report here:

As for rock hounding the coastal rivers, I do not have anything on that. Generally the beach agate hunting season is in winter when the larger winter storm generated waves remove the sand from the beaches exposing the rocks. Of course that is also when the weather there sucks.
Yeah, the smoke from Southern Oregon and NorCal has been drifting up here now. *Cough*. Not too bad today, but it supposed to get worse this week again. I have spent my whole life getting smoked out of places in California and Oregon in summer/fall. In Oregon they used to burn all summer in Albany for the grass seed and it was terrible. We have also been blocked by fires trying to get into places. I have off-roaded all over the western US, and camped, white water rafted or kayaked, mountain climbed, snow and water skied, motor boated, glacier hiked, and motorcycled through most of this side of the Rockies. Except most of Arizona. Every summer from San Diego to Vancouver BC and out to the Rockies is the same; fires, smoke and more fires and smoke. Last summer here I was a mile from the mandatory evacuation zone for the Colombia River Gorge fires. This place was right out of Dante's Inferno. I had my evacuation list checked off and my cat and I were ready to bolt. Fortunately we got 6 inches of rain ~just~ in time to stop the advance of the fire.
ROCK AND GEM HUNTING / Re: Vacation Plans
« Last post by DSRTEGL on August 03, 2018, 09:10:00 PM »
Already plotting beach areas and river/stream access areas on Google Earth.

Trying to plan my trip
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